Lance Jackson and David Ecton

Parker Kennedy Living
Tel.:  678-656-7709
E-mail:   parker@parkerkennedyliving.com
Web:  www.parkerkennedyliving.com

Lance Jackson, co-founder and creative director, developed the Parker Kennedy Living interior design group and brand with business partner and co-founder David Ecton in 2011.

Lance started his career in 1997 in the interior design business after graduating from SCAD Savannah with a BFA in interior design.  While working and developing highly successful interior design groups for Atlanta-based architecture firms (ranging from high-end residential to hospitality to student and multi-family housing), Lance decided it was time to make his own stamp in the interior design industry with his own brand.  Three years spent working in furniture product development sparked Lance’s desire to continually have his hand in the product design industry.

Parker Kennedy Living focuses on high-end residential interior design, vintage furniture restoration and product development.  Their look is “Preppy on the Edge” – Southern Regency is what Lance calls it – taking a traditional interior and elevating it to an updated look using lacquer finishes and mixing textures and vintage details with young colors and patterns.  The interiors are fresh while maintaining a deep-rooted interest in the traditional and exhibit Palm Beach overtones.

Lance is a founding member of the SCAD Atlanta Advisory Council and has a large interest in supporting SCAD Atlanta.

David Ecton, co-founder of Parker Kennedy, has spent the last 20 years preparing for the Parker Kennedy explosion.  David’s fascination with architecture stems from his study abroad in Venice, which involved his study and excavation of an ancient Etruscan ruin that was discovered in early 1990s.  It was there that David learned the importance of how one’s space affects the way we live.

While attending the University of South Alabama and studying international trade, David interned with the Governors of the Gulf Coast on the NAFTA agreement.  This internship was a stepping-stone into the world of trade.  Upon graduation, David headed Mexico City to work for the State Department.  When David returned to the States he continued his studies, receiving an MBA in International Trade.  During graduate school, working as a graphic artist offered David a creative outlet while he was crunching numbers.  And it was this experience that was the key to getting his first job.  David landed at an IT firm looking for a Marketing Director – a position that enabled him to have full creative autonomy while learning about the evolving technology market.  David likens that industry to design: “Staying abreast of technology is very similar to staying up with the trends in design – one minute you are current, the next, dated.”

Longing to get back into exporting and importing, with a mix of design, David and Lance teamed up to found Parker Kennedy.